i've got another thing in mind

Two LJ posts in a day? What is this madness?

Ha ha, but honestly, hi? I know this site's pretty dead and all, so I don't figure folks are going to be glancing upon this journal anytime soon-- but I thought it'd be nice to liven it up a little, nevertheless. It's a little lonely, with so little activity to begin with, but nothing's going to happen if people are going to stay silent, right?

From now on I'm going to be posting some art here as well. I mean, whenever I make it of course, but the intent's to kickstart some activity again, right? I might also post a drabble or two from time to time. LJ gets me in a writing mood, for some reason.

But, yeah. This account can never seem to die properly since I keep thinking about bringing it back, so why not actually do it lmao
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[fanart dump] Well, ain't it been a while

Characters: America, Czechia, and Slovakia
Warning: The love I share over this golden boy is real.
Summary: Wow, it's been a long while hasn't it? All the art featured here can actually be seen on my Tumblr art blog, but because I thought it'd be nice to revitalize this journal and the comm, I've decided to post some stuff here. Nothing amazing, but if y'all interested in looking at some of my attempts at art, well, here you go? I've been in this fandom for too long and have no intention of exiting anytime soon--


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i've got another thing in mind

Well, this is odd.

For the first time in forever, I live.

Aside from the Americanization (read: APH America theme overhaul) of this LJ, I'm sort of wondering what to do with it to keep it running. Perhaps kicking my icon-making back to life?

Either way, it's grand, being back.
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Journal overhaul!

So I know I haven't been on LJ for a while.

Well that problem's going to be fixed soon! I've deleted my old fics- they're going through the process of rewriting- and hidden the Hetaloid list. So there. :D
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